Tan Sock Fong    陳淑芳

Glass Artist & Sand Art/Animation Artist

ArtGlassCentre.com is a Web Portal of Glass & Sand Artist Tan Sock Fong. It serve as a entry point to the various ventures and Info centre for Artists, showcasing some of the Artist's creations and activities, providing an environment for sharing of knowledge, ideas and innovations on Art Glass.

3rd Workshop for SG Cares "Celebrating Our Culture of Care" Community Murals Project with Very Spacial Arts Singapore, sponsored by MCCY . . . 13 – 14 July 2019 (Saturday and Sunday) @Chong Pang Amphitheatre . . . 文化、社區及青年部贊助, 新加坡特殊才藝協會舉辦, 關愛新加坡行動、新加坡開埠二百週年紀念 “歡慶關愛文化” 社區壁畫系列活動 . . . 第三場工作坊, 七月十三至十四日, 於義順忠邦城露天劇場舉辦 . . .

Glass & Sand Artist and founding member of Emily Hill Enterprise (藝嶺/艾美莉山莊), Sock Fong does not limit her craft to just glass art alone, having collaborated with various artists from different disciplines to include glass in these works.

The idea of a fully equipped studio space to make glass art accessible to all has always been Sock Fong's dream. Promoting the holistic experience in the appreciation and creation of glass, Sock Fong's studio is equipped with a fully functional workshop space for Art Glass and Sand Art & Sand Animation. Also housed under this space is an artist residency studio for artists to come and work and develop new works regularly. There is also as a gallery space to showcase works produced at the workshop.

With a strong focus on education, experiment and creation, this dynamic initiative is for the novice, the artist and the passer by. This facility is a hotbed of ideas where possibilities and collaborations are encouraged.

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